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Our extensive network of Reseller Partners operates in more than 25 countries around the globe, providing best-practice assessments to assist their clients in measuring and realizing the full potential of their client organizations’ talent.
Why Partner with SHL?
Partnering with SHL provides you with direct access to, and training to use, the most comprehensive assessment catalogue in the industry. Our test catalogue is unrivalled in scope, offering you thousands of tests, from skills to personality. SHL’s assessments can serve as your key, psychometric framework, and deliver objective data points for your consulting services.

What is a SHL Partnership?
Put SHL’s global resources and award-winning test catalogue to work for you! A partnership with SHL offers you access to a dedicated partner channel, partner success manager, and global partnership network.

Who is an ideal Reseller Partner?
SHL partners with Talent Management Consulting Firms, Executive Search Firms, Executive Coaches, Talent Acquisition Consulting Firms, and more.

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